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Omtat downloading

OMTAT means One More Text Annotation Tool.  It is an Eclipse executable, coded in java. It has some debts to the Annotator written by Abdoulaye Guissé and relies on the Brat format of annotations with some extensions. It is free and downloadable from the present page. Bug reports and suggestion of improvements are welcome (send a mail to {francois [dot] levy or sylvie[dot] szulman} [at] lipn [dot] univ-paris13 [dot] fr).

We have built a toy corpus on bridge rules, so you can become familiar with the tool by using annotations, before creating and annotating your own corpus. Choose the version fitting your OS. It is suggested to download also the manual and the toy corpus.

Linux 32 bits    Linux 64 bits    Windows 64 bits    Mac OS X   

Demonstration toy-corpus    User manual